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Market Research Services


I offer research services to any organisation involved in scholarly communication. Market research can provide the information you need to make good business decisions, understand the changes in your market, and to identify and tackle your key challenges.


I can help you better understand your customers and your competitors. Identify issues and opportunities with product and service offerings, reduce uncertainty and identify new prospective customers.


I am experienced in qualitative market research approaches (e.g. focus groups, advisory panels, interviews) and also enjoy and have experience in analysing survey data and reporting on survey results with added recommendations.


If you require some market research but do not wish to plan or commission a full project, you may be interested in booking a slot in a syndicated (shared) focus group.

Consulting Services


I offer consultancy services to organisations. I can help at a strategic or operational level using my expertise to work with you to address challenges.


I offer help in the following areas


  • navigating structural change


  • new product development


  • launching new services or products


  • optimization and streamlining of systems or processes to drive efficiency


  • competitor analysis


  • sales and marketing strategy to achieve objectives and growth


  • research projects and report or white paper creation


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