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How market research can help your business

I can help you to understand your business. The following examples illustrate some of the questions you may have and how targeted market research can help to inform the answers.

Who are my core customers/users?

All types and sizes of organisation should check assumptions and ensure clarity.


How can I serve my customers better?

Help find out what your customers think and how to offer the right services and products.


What do our customers think of us and our competitors?

Help identify behaviour patterns, beliefs, opinions and motives. Do you really know who you are competing with? It may not be the same organisations it once was.


How is my company and brand perceived in the market?

Has this changed over time? Are we happy with the perception? Ensure all members of the organisation understand the journey they are on.


Will this idea work?

Help determine the level of interest in your new products or services, before you spend the money on development.

Who are my best prospects?

Who is likely to be interested in your products or services, how to target the right customers, and evaluate your market potential.


Which prospects are not purchasing our product and why?

How do we achieve greater market penetration? Help identify specific problems in depth and develop models for action or further research.


Which features should I include?
Understand which features customers value and which are less crucial.


How do we package and price this product?

Ensure sales targets are realistic and routes to market are identified and possible.


How are internal or external budgetary changes likely to affect our activities and offerings? 
Do we need to change our approach? How do we make the right challenging decisions and prepare for outcomes?

Please get in touch to talk through potential projects of any size or help clarify what your next step should be.